The Medical Simulation and Classroom Building at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev / 5 / Simulation Station Medical and nursing students deliver medication and connect the manikin to a ventilator. When the manikin is stable, they prep it for the ICU. Other students gather in the simulation room’s viewing space, where they observe the unfolding exercise and answer questions about appropriate treatment using tablets with a preprogrammed quiz. / Advanced monitors connected to manikins allow students to see vital signs automated by the software. In addition, instructors can change the signs in response to real-time treatment. / Debriefing Room Immediately following the simulation, students meet in a dedicated debriefing roomwith the course instructor. There, they reflect, review, and discuss the exercise with the aim of improving both individual and team skills, communication, and judgement. / Audiovisual installations record the entire sequence so that students can refer to highlights in the debriefing.