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CORONAVIRUS STUDENT ASSISTANCE FUND PAGE 9 IMPACT REPORT IN THEIR OWN WORDS: OUR STUDENT S’ STORIES Matan Bar-Tov, 36, married, lives in Jerusalem “I began medical school at a relatively late stage in life: I’m already married, and my wife and I are expecting a baby. We live in Jerusalem because most of our income comes from my wife, who has a good stable job as a programmer. The financial and emotional burden of my studies is very big – both the intense schoolwork and the commute to the University and Barzilai Hospital in Ashkelon where some of my clinical training takes place. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic this financial and emotional burden simply got even greater. When I received the approval for a coronavirus scholarship from the University a great weight was lifted from my shoulders and my wife and I were really, really happy. The scholarship is a real help for us. I dream of specializing in internal medicine, and we were debating whether I should put my studies on hold and find a full-time job. Thanks to the University’s coronavirus grant my chances of successfully completing my studies have increased. I really love studying at Ben-Gurion University and am very grateful to the University and its benefactors for the assistance we have received.” Rachel, 21, lives with her family near the Gaza Strip “I am the second daughter in a religious family of 11. It was always clear to me that I would pursue academic studies, even if the means of financing them was not clear. The ongoing economic challenges of studying were compounded for me by the coronavirus, but I didn’t want this prevent me from realizing myself through my degree in biomedical engineering. The difficulty of finding a job nowadays is complicated by the fact that I chose a very intensive course of studies. I study five days a week and work on Fridays. If I have to take on additional work, it will certainly impact my studies. My goal is to continue to a research master’s degree and develop a career in