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CORONAVIRUS STUDENT ASSISTANCE FUND PAGE 7 IMPACT REPORT FACTS AND FIGURES The application process Immediately after the fundraising campaign was launched, the Dean of Students Office reached out to BGU students (both current students and new students registered for the 2020-21 academic year), informing them of Prof. Chamovitz’s plan to establish the fund and encouraging them to turn to the University for assistance. Students were notified by email, and the availability of financial assistance was publicized on social media in an effort to reach all BGU students. The application process was streamlined so that students that received need-based scholarships from the Dean of Students Office in 2019-20 did not need to reapply. New applicants simply had to submit an online application describing their financial circumstances and need for assistance, along with limited forms of documentation. Decisions were made by the Dean of Students Office quickly, and students were notified within a matter of weeks, removing a great weight from their shoulders. Eligibility Israeli residents enrolled (40-100% time) in undergraduate, master’s, or doctoral degree programs (as well as some specific teaching certificate and accounting programs) for the 2020-21 academic year whose tuition fees are not covered by an institution or employer were eligible. Students who completed their IDF service were eligible for support, even if they already received a grant from the IDF. Eligibility for the scholarship was determined based on the financial situation of the student’s fami ly (relative to all applicants), with the following factors considered: the student’s, parents’, and spouse’s income, number and age of siblings supported by the parents and/or children, and home and car ownership. Sixty-six percent of the applicants were deemed eligible to receive financial assistance.